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Frequently Asked Questions


Will this course teach me everything I need to know about auctioneering?

No! The course is designed to give basic exercise and principles.  One should never stop learning because something different happens at every sale.




How long will it take me to complete the course?

Although this home-study instruction is short in length, many months should be spent practicing the exercises and developing skill in each category.




After I have gained skill in all areas, what is the next step?

Some states require that one works as an apprentice with a licensed auctioneer before applying for a license.  Other states do not require a license.




How do I find out about licensing laws in my state?

Ask any actively engaged auctioneer in your state.




Is there a demand for auctioneers?

There is always a demand for good auctioneers.




What makes a good auctioneer?

A top quality auctioneer is a fair-minded, courteous, respected leader who has good rapport  with others.  An auctioneer should be a motivated self-starter with a keen mind and with a sense of humor.  A well-groomed and professional appearance is imperative.




How do auctioneers talk so fast?

Most auctioneers don't talk fast.  They simply shorten words by running them together.  Instead of saying, "Will you give" or "Would you bid", they say, "Illyagive" or "Udabid", etc.  These are "filler words" between the numbers.  The auctioneer should make the numbers understandable, especially at a public auction.


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